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Are you seeking help for Meniere’s disease in Colorado Springs CO? Meniere’s disease is a vestibular disorder that is said to affect the equilibrium and balance centers of the body causing dizziness, headaches, and pain or ringing in the ears. Most of the information on this condition is focused around dysfunction in the anatomy of the inner ear. This condition impacts more than 600,000 people in the United states, with tens of thousands more diagnosed each year.

For people diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, and even those patients living with Meniere’s for years, navigating the path to wellness can feel intimidating and even hopeless at times. Balance Chiropractic is here to help you get the facts on Meniere’s disease so you are equipped to advocate for your health and find a treatment plan that works best for you.

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What Is Meniere's Disease in Colorado Springs CO?

Meniere’s disease is described as fluid build-up in the portion of the inner ear known as the labyrinth. This fluid, which is called endolymph, is a normal part of the ear’s function. However, an excessive amount of endolymph interferes with the balance organs in your ear.

The inner ear is lined with tiny “hairs” that act as sensors to direct your eyes while you are moving and keep your body steady. When the excess endolymph fills the labyrinth, these hairs no longer communicate properly. This leads to bouts of vertigo/dizziness, as well as issues with hearing loss or persistent ringing in the ears.

The causes of this abnormal build-up can vary and the Mayo Clinic notes that no single cause has been identified. Some potential causes include:

  • Trauma to the ear
  • Illness
  • Infection
  • Whiplash

What Are Some Common Symptoms Of Meniere's Disease?

Unlike some medical issues, the common symptoms of Meniere’s disease are very consistent. Doctors look for the following:

  • Vertigo/Dizziness: Bouts of dizziness that last for extended periods of time, poor balance, disorientation when turning or moving too quickly.
  • Ear Pressure: A feeling of pressure in the ear; ear feels as if it is filled with water or stuffed with cotton.
  • Hearing Loss: Deterioration of hearing, usually in one ear. Muffled sounds or trouble understanding conversation in noisy environments.
  • Tinnitus/Ringing: Persistent, high-pitched ringing even in silent spaces or when other sounds are present.
  • Permanent Hearing Loss: Complete loss of hearing in ear. This loss is usually permanent.

Can Foundational Correction Via The NUCCA Method Help Meniere’s Disease?

Some patients seek a unique form of chiropractic care for Meniere’s disease because it is one of the least invasive options. Conventional treatment usually involves medications, which only attempt to manage the symptoms, or middle ear injections, which can damage the ear and increase hearing loss. While these methods can definitely help temporarily alleviate some of the discomfort felt with Meniere’s, these approaches may also come with harsh side effects or long term consequences. A NUCCA chiropractor can also help patients avoid prescriptions or surgery, which carries the risk of complications such as hearing loss and may even require anesthesia and a hospital stay.

How can chiropractors help patients with Meniere’s disease? At Balance Chiropractic, the focus is on Foundational Correction using the NUCCA method. While NUCCA is not meant to be a treatment for Meniere’ disease, it can often provide a patient’s lasting relief or mitigation of symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and ear pain by reducing stress on the central nervous system. This is especially the case when a patient with Meniere’s disease has experienced an injury to the head or neck in the past. This is not to say that Meniere’s disease and neck problems automatically go hand in hand. However, a key study has found that there can be a relationship between Meniere’s disease and cervical spine trauma.

The NUCCA technique focuses on biomechanical problems in the upper cervical spine that are often caused by injuries or poor posture. By taking precise measurements of the spine and nervous system, Balance Chiropractic creates a customized correction plan to restore the alignment of the head/neck junction. As patient’s begin to hold their correction, the stress on the vestibular centers of the nervous system that coordination and communication with the ear is reduced and optimal blood flow through the skull and brain is restored. By using our Comprehensive Foundational Examination data on each patient, our treatment has been shown to assist in creating lasting results for patients with Meniere’s disease.

Real Examples Of Meniere's Disease

If you are looking for the best Meniere’s disease chiropractor, Colorado Springs residents have consistently praised Balance Chiropractic for our excellent treatment of a variety of issues. We offer one of the most unique non-surgical therapies in the Pikes Peak region.

If you are experiencing other forms of pain, Meniere’s disease is not the only condition that we help patients with. Breakthrough treatments are available for many other conditions. Check out these reviews from some of our patients!

“The doctors at Balance Chiropractic gave my body the boost it needed to heal! At the time of my first visit, I was suffering from constant dizziness, headaches, fatigue as well other symptoms related to Meniere’s Disease.

I give them full credit in helping ready my body for the healing process. Both doctors are great at what they do and really take the time needed to not only heal you physically but with their positive attitudes really they help boost you mentally as well.”

- Desira B.

“I initially came because I was suffering from dizziness that lasted 6 months. After 3 months of care, I am no longer dizzy. They get to the root of the problem and do everything they can to help. I highly recommend this business!”

- Kristina P.

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