Patient Testimonials

"I highly recommend Balance Chiropractic! I have gotten great care and have seen improvement from their approach to treating frustrating symptoms that are ignored and not treatable by traditional medicine. I always leave there feeling better. The spinal depression and neck adjustment are so helpful for many issues. I would go everyday if I could!!"

- Julie M.

"Foundational correction makes total sense for me! My results have been great, and I recommend this approach for anyone interested in maximizing the body's ability to heal."

- Patrice C.

"I have 4 kids that go to Balance and each of them have had some PHENOMENAL results. One of my kids had EXTREME motion sickness that has completely gone away. Another child had massive scoliosis that has been improved drastically. The employees at Balance are professional and thoughtful. I HIGHLY recommend Balance Chiropractic."

- Lauren T.

"I had been going to traditional chiropractic care for years with no success, in fact, I was getting worse. I heard about NUCCA from my own online research and was very intrigued by this type of care. I love the fact that they do not crack, pop or twist. After my initial consultation with this compassionate team and their amazing technology, I knew I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did, I have been going to them for 2 months now and have experienced improved stamina, digestive relief and an overall feeling of well-being. These are the three most kind and caring doctors I have seen. Thank you to the entire staff for such a great experience!"

- Ellie B.

"Before finding this place I was miserable. Living with chronic pain all my life but having it cripple me the last 20 years was tough. Now after treatment I can move my body before the illnesses. I am in less pain, I have full motion of my neck now, and I can do stretches I haven't been able to do in many years. It feels great to feel good again without the crazy normal chiro routine. This has been the best and easiest treatment I ever had!!"

- Darla M.

"The extensive & unique X-rays, scans and evaluation showed me so much about my spine that I hadn’t seen before. Dr. Max, Dr Nesto & Dr Jeanie have great expertise in Foundational Chiropractic care. They really care about my overall health snd well being. The exercises that you can view on-line help with the healing process as well. The whole staff is so friendly and helpful."

- Robin H.

"What a wonderful Chiropractic office with great staff and Doctors. Non-invasive treatments and caring individuals."

- Dodi D.

"The staff is very professional and thorough. I recommend Balance Chiropractic for relief in pain and headaches. Since I started going to Balance Chiropractic my neck aches and SI joint pain are gone!"

- Beth L.

"Dr. Max and Dr. Ernesto have been so great to go to! They listen to my needs and are very knowledgeable. They've helped me so much with a lot of my health concerns including headaches and even breathing issues. And, their diagnostic tools help even more to see the amazing progress. The staff is also very awesome! They've been really flexible with any scheduling issues and questions, and are so friendly and nice to talk to. Balance has a very smooth running system and everyone is very conscientious and they really care. They've helped me a lot and I highly recommend them!"

- Julie D.

"Balance has great people, a non-invasive care practice that treats the underlying issues you have and gets you back on track."

- Joshua S.

"I love Balance Chiropractic! Both Dr. Max and Dr. Ernesto are very knowledgeable and will help you feel your best!"

- Darlene T.


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