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Do you suffer from spinal stenosis in Colorado Springs CO? Spinal stenosis is a serious condition that affects the middle-aged and elderly. Until recently, spinal stenosis has generally been treated with surgery. Recent technological advances have changed how we can approach spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is classified as a narrowing of the space surrounding the spinal cord. This narrowing does not allow your spinal cord to flex, extend, and function as intended. Your spinal cord is a big “wire” that sends information from your brain to your body and back. The spinal cord transmits signals which control the most basic functions of the body such as moving limbs, and maintaining balance, along with the proper function of nearly all organs including the thyroid, heart, lungs, stomach, and reproductive organs. Since spinal stenosis affects one of the most important control centers of the human body (the spinal cord), this condition can drastically affect your quality of life and if left untreated, can lead to more serious problems and issues in the future.

What causes Spinal Stenosis in Colorado Springs CO

Spinal Stenosis is caused by the spinal column and the spinal cord not being aligned properly. In acute cases like car accidents or sports injuries, a misalignment of the spinal column is felt immediately. However, if the misalignment is small, the effects can compound over years, leading to a degeneration of the spinal structures. As the healthy spinal structures begin to break down, the body tries to create stability in the best way it can, by adding bone to stabilize the weight of the misalignment. This can lead to bone spurs growing on the vertebral bodies, or into the spinal canal, leading to spinal stenosis.

The Foundation of the human spine is the upmost bone of neck called the Atlas or C1. This unique area happens to be the most mobile part of your spine which makes it the least stable and therefore structurally the “the weakest link.” Whenever there is a series of small, medium or large accidents that shift your spine, the forces are most often transferred from the stable and strong spinal joints towards the “weakest link” of all spinal bones. Since your Foundation is the most mobile of all spinal regions and also is directly connected to your skull, when it shifts the skull shifts. Every inch that your skull shifts away from normal can place an additional ten pounds of stress to your body. This increased stress from a Foundational Shift is the exact stressor that can cause the entire body to compensate. This compensation often creates major asymmetry with the shoulders, hips, neck, and back. When this compensation is long standing the vertebral bones and discs compensate and the degenerative process becomes worse and worse.

Spinal Stenosis often causes pain, numbness, and weakness, typically in the arms, hands or legs. Spinal Stenosis may cause leg or back pain that worsens with activity such as walking, running, bending over, or riding in a car. It can also commonly cause pins and needles to feel in the hands and feet.

For most people diagnosed with spinal stenosis, the common starting point for treatment includes exercises and nerve medication. For some, this solution works. For others, symptoms persist and continue to progress over time.

Although there have been advancements with spinal surgery to help spinal stenosis, many patients do not wish to risk adverse reactions to the anesthetics and procedure. For patients not wanting to undergo invasive spinal surgery or for patients that have received the surgery but still experience pain and dysfunction, the recently developed protocol at Balance Chiropractic may offer hope.

Balance Chiropractic is the only office in Colorado that couples Foundational Correction via the NUCCA Method (never popping, twisting or cracking the spine) with the most technologically advanced Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression units called the DRX9000. This method allows a two-part treatment that decompresses the injured discs and vertebral bones of the spine. This process can relieve the pressure on the nerves, reducing the pain, and gently realigns the foundation and skull to a neutral position for a powerful and long-term treatment.

If you are experiencing spinal stenosis that is causing neck pain, back pain, arm or leg pain, call (719) 265-0115 now to set up your complimentary consultation to see if Foundational Correction utilizing the NUCCA Method and the DRX9000 are right for you.


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