Upper Cervical Care in Colorado Springs CO May Help Tourette’s Syndrome

Upper Cervical Care in Colorado Springs CO May Help With Tourette's Syndrome

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As if growing up isn’t hard enough, every year, many people (mostly children) develop unwanted symptoms that can make them and their parents self-conscious, reclusive, and in search of answers. In this article, we will talk about facts and possibilities regarding the diagnosis and reduction of Tourette’s through Upper Cervical Care in Colorado Springs CO.

What is Tourette's Syndrome in Colorado Springs CO?

As it is called in short, TS is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, sudden and unwanted vocal sounds or movements called tics. Tics usually occur between ages 5-10 and usually last till a child’s late teens or early 20’s. For some, the tics do not interfere with daily life; however, for many, the tics can become detrimental for what most would call a normal life.

Types of Tics

Tics can be put into a few general categories that include:

Complex Tics

Large movements involving multiple muscle groups.

Simple Tics

Small movements involving sudden, brief and repetitive actions. For both simple and complex tics, a further distinction between motor (movement) and phonic (vocal) tics may be necessary. Although tics come in all sizes and intensities, the most disabling and unwanted type of tics may result in self-harm or the loud vocalization of curse words.

What Causes Tics?

Just as there are many types of tics, there may also be very many stimuli of tics. Usually, the stimulus is different from person to person. Many diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome report the need to perform tics in a specific and certain way to relieve the urge.

How Can Upper Cervical Care in Colorado Springs Help Tourette's

Chiropractor Colorado Springs CO Max Pohl Upper CervicalUnfortunately, western medicine has mostly relied on pharmacological intervention for the treatment of tics. This usually includes stimulants, neurotransmitter blockers, and antidepressants. For a lucky few, non-invasive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy has been administered.

At Balance Chiropractic, we have been fortunate to help a growing handful of children diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome through gentle Upper Cervical Care in Colorado Springs.

Because our doctors focus their attention on the utmost region of the neck and never pop, twist, or crack the spine, correcting this area may relieve large amounts of neurological stress put upon the brain stem. Since the brain stem controls a lot of autonomic aka automatic functions, it usually makes sense to parents that by locating and removing the stress in this area, their child may have a larger capacity to deal with stressors and external stimulation than with the stress.

Unlike traditional chiropractors that do a great job with the short term reduction of pain, and helping people increase range of motion by twisting, popping and cracking the spine, Balance Chiropractic has a different approach to…Prior to accepting a patient for care, our doctors take a series of objective measurements to make sure that someone is in-fact a candidate with a measurable foundational shift of the upper spine present. Our doctors retake your objective measurements throughout your unique correctional process to make sure you are not only receiving excellent results, but that those results are objective, measurable and reproducible.

If you are interested in learning more about a gentle and safe Colorado Springs chiropractic technique that may help children dealing with this uncomfortable disease, call (719) 265-0115 to set up your complimentary consultation with one of our chiropractors today, or watch our YouTube video here:

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