3 Tips to Prevent Sciatica in Colorado Springs CO

3 Tips to Prevent Sciatica in Colorado Springs CO

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Sciatica presents as radiating pain down the back of your legs. This pain could go into your buttocks, into your hamstrings, into your calves, into your feet, or into all the above. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of how to keep their back healthy until they start to have problems with it. In this article, we will highlight the three things you can do to prevent sciatica with the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs CO!

Lift Properly in Colorado Springs CO

When it comes to proper spinal mechanics, unfortunately we are never taught them! Mostly people only know how to orient their spine properly after a lifting injury that injures them. Fortunately, the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs puts together a quick video here on how to lift properly.

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Stretch Properly

Similar to lifting, most people don’t look to fix things until they’re broken. Fortunately, one simple stretch can make huge improvements in your life. Our general recommendation is to perform this stretch for 15-20 seconds, but perform super regularly. If you have been active, do the stretch! If you have been sitting all day, do the stretch! If you are getting ready to be active, warm up lightly and do the stretch for sciatica relief!

Keep Yourself Hydrated and Rest

Taking care of your body can’t be any more simple than making sure you are adequately hydrated and well rested. Our recommendation for hydration to help your body heal and reduce sciatica pain is ½ your body weight in ounces of water (not energy drinks, coffee or tea!) along with making sure you have proper sodium, magnesium and potassium levels to sustain adequate hydration.

Regarding sleep, everyone talks about 8 hours, but no one talks about restful sleep. Emerging research is showing that 8 hours of sleep might not be as important as the quality of sleep you are getting. If you are tossing and turning all night you might need 12 hours of sleep, while if you sleep like a baby, 6 may be adequate.

If you have tried the above to prevent or improve your sciatica condition but have not found relief, call our office at (719) 265-0115 and schedule your complimentary consultation with one of the best chiropractors in Colorado Springs. If we don’t think our specialized method will help you feel and heal how you deserve, we will make sure to send you to someone who can help!

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