Foundational Technology Explained in Colorado Springs CO

Foundational Technology Explained in Colorado Springs CO

Chiropractic Colorado Springs CO Foundational Technology Explained

Monday, January 6th has been dubbed “National Technology Day”. Although the word “technology” brings about emotions of excitement and wonder to many, it can also bring thoughts of apprehension and frustration to some.

As an office that aims to be on the leading edge of both healthcare and technology, a short introduction to some of the technology used at Balance Chiropractic is sure to excite you about not only changing your health for the better, but also tracking the objective measurements of WHY.

Our Colorado Springs CO chiropractors focus on Foundational Correction which is also known as the correction of the Brain-Body connection. Many people think that the brain simply generates thoughts and emotions. However, many overlook that the brain also controls the functions of your entire body: from digesting food, to keeping your heart beating and your hair and nails growing. The brain sends signals to the body (and vice versa) in the form of electrical currents. The simple yet profound goal of Foundational Correction is to reconnect the electrical wires of the brain to the body and to do so by correcting the outer structure (spinal bones) of those electrical wires.

One of the founding philosophies of Foundational Correction is to minimize guess work. Our goal is never to “pop and pray” or to leave your health up to chance in any way. That is where our Foundational Technology comes in.

4 unique technological tests in Colorado Springs CO

Our Comprehensive Foundational Examination includes 4 unique technological tests. We use these tests to not only see if someone is a candidate for our care, but also to track their progress throughout their personalized correctional process.

If warranted, a 3-Dimensional Digital X-Ray Series is taken which specifically measures misalignments and necessary corrections down to a millimeter! One of the major advantages of this digital-ray technology is something called a “cesium panel” which allows for the lowest possible dose of radiation amongst any other x-ray technology. You may recall traditional x-ray technology having a processing time starting around 5 minutes (digital) all the way to several hours (if not digital). Another amazing advantage of our cesium panel is that images are available for analysis in less than 30 seconds! Safe and accurate; We pride ourselves on this!

Since precision is key, our Comprehensive Examination includes a Multi Axial Foundational Analysis (MAFA) as a means to fact check the images that are seen via x-ray. If a patient’s x-rays present with chronic tilting of the head or severe Anterior Head Syndrome, we want to make sure we see the same thing with our MAFA reading. To compound our internal “fact checking,” our MAFA also measures weight imbalances. Since posture is one of the crucial elements that our Brain-Body connection needs to communicate, an imbalance between the left and the right side of the body of 5 lbs. or more is an indicator a foundational shift is present.

Our third technologically advanced measurement is a Neuro-Foundational Scan. Imagine you had a dangerous short circuit or a wire that wasn’t carrying electricity properly in your house… would the temperature of that wire be hot or cold? The answer is generally “hot” and the nerves of your body react the same way as the wires of your house. If a nerve is not working properly, our Neuro-Foundational Scan will help pinpoint exactly what wires aka nerves are “hot” and where the connection to the brain is compromised.

Our fourth and final measurement allows us to gauge how well the muscles around the spine are communicating with the brain. This technology is called Surface Electromyography and believe it or not, it offers the same technology that of an Electro Cardiogram (heart activity), or an Electro Encephalogram (brain activity) offer for their respective organs!

The technology that Balance Chiropractic offers allows us to gain a precise understanding of each patient’s case. Our main goal is ALWAYS to help the patient feel better but also to optimize their brain-body communication by identifying and correcting any foundational misalignments.

To learn more about the Foundational Correction process, please call us at (719) 265-0115 and schedule your complimentary consultation today.


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