Why You Should See a Non-Traditional Chiropractor in Colorado Springs CO

Why You Should See a Non-Traditional Chiropractor in Colorado Springs CO

Chiropractic Colorado Springs CO Why You Should See A Non Traditional Chiropractor

Every year many people seek out care from chiropractors. It has quickly become a mainstream form of treatment for aches and pains. Most people, unfortunately, don’t know that chiropractic was founded on grounds much deeper than simple relief from discomfort. In this article, your chiropractor in Colorado Springs CO will talk about the original intent of chiropractic and how seeing a non-traditional one may help alleviate things that you typically wouldn’t expect!

What Do Most Chiropractors Do in Colorado Springs CO?

From a traditional perspective, most people think of chiropractors as those who will pop, twist, and crack the spine based on stiff joints or areas of pain. Traditional chiropractors will generally use manual manipulation along with a combination of tissue massage, cold laser, electrical stimulation, or nutrition therapy. We think it is great that this means of helping people has been very successful over the years; however, at Balance Chiropractic, we are proud to provide non-traditional care for chronic and severe neurological conditions.

What is Non-Traditional Chiropractic?

The unique form of care we offer at Balance Chiropractic involves correcting the body’s foundation. Essentially, we focus exclusively at the region closest to the brain because if this area shifts, it can act like a house’s foundation shifting and can cause electrical miscommunication everywhere! If your house’s foundation shifts, it could easily cause issues with the roof, basement, doors, windows, and electrical components. In the human body, this can cause symptoms like:

Instead of patching those secondary conditions (symptoms) our doctors focus on analyzing and correcting your body’s foundation to allow the body to heal naturally. We do this without twisting, popping, and cracking. Additionally, our doctors perform your measurements periodically to ensure that objective change is happening and your goals are being met!

Is Non-Traditional Chiropractic Gentle?

Due to our specificity and objectivity, the procedure our doctors perform is highly customized to everyone. Instead of needing to perform large twisting and cracking maneuvers, our correction at Balance Chiropractic requires approximately 2 lbs of force/ Most people say that they barely even feel the adjustment happening!

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