Chiropractor in Colorado Springs CO Explains Dysautonomia

Chiropractor in Colorado Springs CO Explains Dysautonomia

Chiropractic Colorado Springs CO Explains Dysautonomia

If you’ve been diagnosed with MS, POTs disease, a TBI, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibro, it is very likely that you have heard of dysautonomia. For most people dealing with this incredibly common disease (around 70 million people worldwide), The common treatment includes a trial of medication after medication until the one with the least amount of side effects is found. Fortunately, there have been many to find relief for this disruptive disease by seeing a specific type of chiropractor in Colorado Springs CO.

Dysautonomia in Colorado Springs CO

Dysautonomia can be simply explained as a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system is essentially a portion of the electrical communication within your body that coordinates automatic function of your body. Could you imagine having to make your heart beat, while concentrating on digesting your food, while focusing on making your lungs contract and expand, all while remembering to make sure your skin heals after you sliced it the other day cooking? With all of that on our plate day in and day out, we wouldn’t have time to live life, focus on work, or spend any time with our loved ones!

Fortunately, things like heart rate, blood pressure, food digestion, and tissue repair are common things controlled by your autonomic nervous system. When the autonomic nervous system is dysfunctional, its not that we can concentrate to make it work, however it is common for someone to experience:

What Can Cause Dysautonomia?

For a population of dysautonomia patients, the cause is labeled as “genetic,” or “familial,” however a growingly large population of patients only notice their symptoms begin either immediately or slowly after injuries to the upper neck and head. For this population a simple yet powerful disruption of communication between the brain and body from the accident may be to blame. Fortunately, many people in Colorado Springs are finding relief with a precise yet simple correction to their upper neck!

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What Are Treatment Options for Dysautonomia?

When exploring a more traditional route of treatment it is most common for a patient to seek specialists in the area of their greatest complaint. For example, if someone is having bad headaches, they will likely be recommended to see a neurologist, if someone is having terrible diarrhea they will likely end up at their gastro-enterologist’s office. If someone is having issues with heart palpitations and blood pressure such as most dysautonomia patients, they will likely also see their cardiologist.

Unlike the traditional route, at Balance Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, our doctors take a comprehensive approach to health and focus their attention towards your bodies foundation aka – the upper bones of the neck. If these upper bones shift due to whiplash, concussions, birth trauma, or other accidents and injuries, it can cause compression of vital portions of the neck that act as valuable relay systems for your autonomic nervous system. Instead of cracking and twisting the spine based of pain or stuck joints, the doctors at Balance Chiropractic aim to create a customized correction for each patient based off their unique misalignment and individual spinal anatomy.

We create a personalized correction plan based off your initial measurements and then reperform those measurements as we go through a correctional process to make sure we are getting objective and reproducible results. Correcting the shift of these upper bones can allow for proper communication between the autonomic nervous system and the rest of the body.

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